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Kay Grott, Nashville  based couture crochet designer, has been crocheting since she was a young lady of fourteen.  At sixteen she created her first original design, a long sleeve v-necked pullover sweater.   Kay has never looked back and in 1998 founded Kay Grott Collection.  As a creator of fine crochet designs, she specializes in original  items for women, men and children.   The couture aspect becomes quite apparent in the structure, fit, drape, and silhouette of  her garments.  The primary focus is to reflect the person wearing them.   Kay uses only the best fibers, chosen from all over the world for the particular project and does not limit her scope when it comes to selecting the right yarn.  Great care is taken to assure the fiber(s), color(s), and style chosen are appropriate not only for the client, but for the garment and the event to which it will be worn.

In addition, Kay instructs students privately and in group settings such as her popular Crochet Camps for all ages.  She has been recognized as a Professional Designer by the Crochet Guild of America.  Her work has  been featured in a profile of local artist in the Nashville City Paper, and the Nashville based company, Style Blue Print.

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