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All Crochet Princess’ need to have a Sweet to eat!

August 24, 2015 in Kay Grott Collection News

What a fun time to walk along Main Street in Franklin during our lunch break at Camp! We stopped at Sweet CeCe’s to Socialize and indulge¬†frozen yogurt before getting back to our projects for the afternoon!


2015 Crochet Camp Notes

It was so fulfilling to see Crochet Princess’ actually learning so much about making their first crocheted garment. Swatching was a huge lesson to learn. It’s critical to understand the swatching concept before getting started!

Gauge Gauge and more Gauge.

First day of Camp…. Sweet Princess’ working on…

Swatch and Gauge


Princess Work

Kay Grott Collection Crochet Princess has worked hard this past year to grow in her skills and has advanced to being comfortable making clothing for Teddy Bears. Her work is all of her own designs! She now has a customer interested in buying them! I am so incredibly honored and proud of my Princess for meeting the learning opportunities to polish her skills! I am sure you agree with me, these outfits are ingenious and so cute! She paid close attention to the details! It is just further proof we never know how we influence others in all we do but, particularly when we are privileged to teach our Art!






2015 4th Annual Kay Grott Collection Crochet Camp

July 23, 2015 in Kay Grott Collection News


2015 4th Annual Kay Grott Collection Crochet Camp

August 3 -7
Glad to share we are making the finishing touches for Crochet Camp in Franklin Tennessee!
Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

2015 camp trifold2

2015 camp trifold1

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