The Logo

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I. Expectation

Crochet is an art form that requires great skill with one’s hands.  Every piece in the Kay Grott Collection begins and ends its journey of creation with strong attention to detail.  Each item is designed, hand-stitched, and made to last by Kay Grott. Kay Grott Collection couture work will be priced based upon materials selected and degree of complexity ordered.  Because I put forth so much time and work in each item produced, I strive to expect nothing but the highest level of satisfaction from anyone who receives one of my handmade items.

II. Care Instructions

Care instructions for you to follow will be included with each piece.

III. Shipping

All Kay Grott Collection are currently shipped via UPS or USPS.  Boutique items are shipped within 3 business days after purchase.  Shipping of couture items will be discussed with the client and mutually agreed upon delivery date as well as shipping method will be established when an order is placed.

IV. Returns

All sales are final.

Appreciatively & Graciously,

Kay Grott